The man who made ideas come true

"Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy-ass weights” - Ronnie Coleman

The amount of things we want in comparison to the things we are willing to put effort into is disproportionate. Right at this moment, there is billion life changing ideas floating around, dying in people’s brains, just because lack of capability or resources to actualize the ideas.

Steve Jobs talked about idea disease, which refers to people who think that a great idea is 90% of the work done. This is far from the truth, as most ideas require a great amount of craftsmanship and effort.

There is this concept of an idea multiplier, which states that ideas are just a multiplier of execution. It goes like this:

There is a man I admire,

This man has a special ability to convert an abstract pattern in his brain into a real life object.

A music producer can take his brain waves and turn them into audio waves that we can all enjoy and share.

A programmer had a problem for which he wrote a software. A mind prepared with various blueprints of abstract solutions got hit by a stimulus of a previously unencountered problem. After many adaptations in his brain, this encounter translated into code, and the code compiled into a tool that helps the programmer.

This man I admire,

He is a master of mirroring his mind’s eye. He is a master of malleable pieces. A world with scarce resources is not ideal place for this man, but he adapted. He knows exactly which resources help him in his mission. The world is a malleable entity for him, in which he replicates his thoughts with the help of external world objects.

He moves his hands, handles raw resources, writes things, helps others. This man is a conversion machine. He’s not a man, he is a self-replicating machine of his own thoughts.

A mental representation is now a vivid thing in front of your eyes. Once an abstract pattern in synapses, now a thing in the external world.

To the man who makes ideas come true,

I envy you. How did you do it? How did you become this modern day craftsman who brings vision to life? A renaissance man. Leonardo Da Vinci.

You are a perfect pattern recognition machine. You see usable components everywhere. You create value for others, make living out of it and are extremely passionate about it. You are like a kid with Lego bricks. Just that the Lego bricks exist in various forms and everywhere in the world.

This post is an ideology that, there would be this man who just magically realizes ideas for the outer world. He takes an idea from his brain and makes it come true for the outer world. I really aspire to be like this man.

Be the man who gives birth to ideas from your semantic uterus…