I am the golden nugget hunter. Gime ur frickin' nugs.

You heard me, kiddo. Gime the nugget. Fuck yo details around it, I wrap it by myself to my prior knowledge thx.

Trivia? What? Yuck! That’s the bad tasting veggies of the knowledge world. OUT! I eat only juicy and applicable nuggets that ACTUALLY affect my life.

Phrasing? Your neat words and syllables? What are you… I don’t care about your words. They are nothing but a temporary plate to serve me the tasty idea. I smash that plate to pieces right after you deliver me the nugget.

I saw some hopeless whippersnapper speeding and rushing through a book, thinking he would learn faster. LOL. What a waste. Why would you not chew your nuggets. That’s the best way to digest them…

It’s impossible for a book to have golden nuggets on every page. I don’t care what you say about your favourite book. It’s not possible. On every page? Hell no. More like every 10th page max, for a GREAT book. You are talking about copper nuggets friend.

You know, as I grow older and more nuggetful, I see these efficient nugget filters improving all the time. I feel like a nugget magnet. I smell the shit out of nugs.

Sniff, sniff… is that a nug…? Lemme just sift through these paragraphs I’ll never need.

Yes, see when I was a young nugget apprentice, I would carefully go through every paragraph, nuggetful or not.

Today, as a liege lord of the nuggets, the second I smell a golden nugget nearby, I speed up to locate it. When I strike the motherlode, I slow down, chew and digest that fat nugget. Then I smile or shiver as I have a harmonous contract with the brain about golden nuggets being the best things.